All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.

Art for kids

Art heals in a natural way. It connects us to a Universal language, and expands us. Through play we learn to socialize and communicate.

According to Americans for the Arts, artistic activities can help children develop skills and promote values as:

  • Cognitive

  • Motor

  • Language

  • Memory

  • Concentration

  • Decision making

  • Critical thinking

  • Communication

  • Space-time relationships amongst objects

  • Discipline

  • Literacy for children starting to read

  • Interpersonal self-esteem

  • Teamwork

  • Respecting Diversity

  • Understanding

  • Appreciation for different culture

  • Increasing tolerance

  • Problem solving

  • Creativity

  • Innovation

We have imparted music, dance, painting, mural, singing, scriptwriting, film, photography, cooking, hand crafts, scientific experiments, theatre, amongst other workshops.

According to Abrakadoodle, a national art program, children participating in arts are four times more likely of becoming class presidents or participate in math or science fairs. According to The Boston Globe, art programs are fundamental in aiding students to expand their understanding of their place in relation to the world.

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