Arte Urbano “Ruta Esperanza / Hope Route"

The purpose of urban art is to regenerate, refine and revamp the spaces and symbols pertinent to cultural identity. It focuses on promoting beauty, truth, and unity through recapturing the essence of structures. The project began in January 2017, with the creation of the first mural at the actual site of La Esquina. In January 2018, we began the process of painting the local public school as well as expanding the rage of the project by painting a house in the south of Tulum, near Aldea Zama. LADLE is an important player at the social level. By working in conjunction with Tulum Art Club and various artists we have created a new reality for the community preserving their heritage and opening space for diversity.

  • 40 murals painted to generate a happy neighborhood
  • 25 local, national & international artists
  • Contribute to social blend and increase safety
  • Urban art promotes self of belonging, feeling proud and identity

If you want to paint let us know and be part of the movement.

In partnership with Tulum Art Club, #HOPEROUTE

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